Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Don't Expect to Find Honeycomb

Road trip!  I had the chance to go on a wonderful road trip (about 9 hours each way) with one of my favorite people.  We drove from San Diego to the Grand Canyon in Darla, our shiny red Chevy Cobalt.  She did much better on the way back to San Diego because we were going down- from 6,000 ft elevation to sea level.  She was not a fan of the hills, like me when I'm biking.
The drive was mostly through the desert and the soundtrack was mostly '90s pop with some early '00s thrown in for variety.  It's amazing how you still know the words of songs you haven't heard for 10 years.  Even if we did sometimes come in a little early on the chorus.  The gas stations were not yet equipped to pay at the pump and we spent some time with the AC off trying not to accelerate as we searched for the next place to fill up.
I love road trips.  I love the adventure and the scenery and the random encounters.  I love singing out loud and drinking Diet Coke.  The one thing that was missing from this road trip was Honeycomb.  On my last long American road trip, a box of Honeycomb was firmly lodged between our seats.  I think we went through 2 boxes in 8 days.  So delicious.  But we couldn't find it anywhere.  I mean, we didn't stop at any actual grocery stores.  But still.
To recharge at the end of the trip, we ate soft serve from Carvel (because the McDonald's machine was broken) and then went to the Tusyana Diner, drank wine with a screw top after fighting with the ice machine (we won), and fell asleep by 9:30.  A great day, a great drive.

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